For Your Consideration

A War With Sponsors

So, their fans have no problems with the name? Shocker!

Washington fans (as all NFL team fans) pay excessive amounts for tickets, parking and concessions, and waste over 9 hours on Sunday preparing for, driving to and from the game to cheer on their team.  These individuals are too favorably disposed to the team to recognize a social wrong and thus cannot be allowed to determine the future for us. 

That's right, us! We are not fans.  We do not go to their games or wear their jerseys or buy any other Washington memorabilia.  But we do buy.  And we can stop buying. Can this racism be sustained if we simply stop by from their sponsors?  Wean live without Papa John, hp, and Bank of America.  And their are others.  Next time you see a Washington game on television, note them.

If sponsors can act to change the way the NFL thinks acts with regard to domestic and child abuse sponsors can also change the way NFL teams relate to minority communities.  And we can have an impact on sponsors.

It is past time to participate in Mr. Snyder's debate about honor and racism.  We know the name is racist and carries with it the same scorn that was once publicly given to Blacks, and may still be in private. Snyder is not so dumb this slur escapes him.  But having given his word that the name will never changed he soldiers on.  So, it now rests with us!

We must take action against any establishment not disassociating itself from that team.  They cannot be allowed to continue to facilitate racism.  Force them to act, to come to the National Congress of American Indians and the Oneida Indian Nation of New York’s Change The Mascot campaign and present their arguments for continuing to support racism, or their actions to fight racism.  Let their actions be prompted by their profit margins.

Black fans who attend their games and wear their jerseys and join Snyder in declaring that it is "only a name," and they should "just get over it" and "move on," despise their own history and current precarious status and must be overlooked in this conflict. 

It is we who must be engaged.  Let's start now!

  • Matthew 7:12(NLT)
    “Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you. This is the essence of all that is taught in the law and the prophets.