Christmas Songs and Christian Radio

I’ve grown to depend on Christian Radio, particularly the radio stations with a music format. The songs –both old standards and contemporary – keep me focused on the solution. No matter the situation, I can depend on Christian music containing the Word of God to keep me centered on what really matters. I find myself humming catchy tunes and singing Scriptural lyrics I didn’t know I knew, meditating on the wisdom of the Word happens so naturally as I listen and begin to mouth the strengthening lyrics.

But each year there is this . . . Christmas Season, celebrating snow, jingling bells, a jolly man in a red suit and reindeer. I’m told it is the strongest commercial time of the year accounting for more than 60% of annual sales. Practically all commercial and noncommercial ventures participate in the Christmas season--some choosing the moniker Holiday Season to avoid offense. Schools and churches have Holiday Season pageants, nightclubs and restaurants have Holiday Season entertainment, Realtors and health clubs hold Holiday Season open houses, dentists offer special Holiday Season cleanings and free examinations. Any business that has not found a way to tie a promotional event to this season of giving (and receiving) has just not made an effort.

The sad thing is that Christian Radio has followed the lead of commerce and now regales us each Christmas season with such old standards as Dreaming of a White Christmas, The Christmas Song, The Twelve Days of Christmas, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas and other such light and cheerful songs of little substance. And when, as with real Christian music, I find myself mouthing “ . . .A turkey and some mistletoe, Help to make the season bright “ I am shocked at the implication and immediately correct the errant confession.   

How I wish Christian Radio (and Christians as a Believing group) would simply ignore the Christmas Season and continue to be the people we are called be and witness such to the world. 

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