Christian Tote Bags, Christian Messenger Bags, Christian Beach Bags and Canvas Lunch Bags from ScriptureStuff

If your bag has any label, why not a Christian label? State what you believe on a bag from ScriptureStuff! You can give a subtle and non obtrusive statement of your faith virtually where ever you travel. You are not trying to shout out those who believe otherwise – just letting them know where you stand. You’re doing exactly what Christ requires – Witnessing your life inChrist!

And we can help you with our bags.

Tote Bags, with the 1 John 4 message design that displays the message that Jesus is alive today and living within you, or the Colossians 3:2 message design that encourage us to set our affections on Him.

And the Ephesians 6:13 Beach Bag encouraging us to wi.thstand the temptations of Satan. And the same message design in a Messenger Bag.

And don’t forget our Canvas Lunch Bag with the Psalms 22:3 message design. 

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