Welcome to from a Christian perspective, formerly WalkerHouse, where we encourage Christians to serve God and prosper in this life. This is your site for Christian thought, living, and literature.

We started with selling print-screened Christian T-shirts at Eastern Market in Washington, D.C., and other flea markets around the Washington Metro in the late 1980s and moved to publish and distribute a monthly Christian newsletter by 1992. By 1995 the cost of printing and distributing the newsletter was becoming financially overbearing. So we moved to the Internet.

We began providing commentary on current events, sharing a Christian perspective on just about everything. And we remained in this mode for some years until 2019, when Internet technology began pressing us to move from our old and trusted tools to write web pages, and move to a more secure but less robust tool.

The functionality of the new tool would not allow the hosting of six independent blogs on a single website. Christian Commentaries, Constant God, Notes To The Family, Shorts & Verse, For Your Consideration and a new forum, As I Understand It, and would all have to go.

We made a decision to cull the site of everything not critical for maintenance and continued growth in Christ. This included jettisoning the old name of the website and replacing it with a name representing our singular focus, from a Christian perspective.

As we create new content, we’ll be adding in some of the older material critical for our mission.

from a Christian perspective