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YourName: Olukoya Olutayo Olumayowa
Date: 02 Jan 2006
Time: 04:56:27


My God came into this World Conceived by His word Even though He died Long before He was borned He did it all for my salvation That I may celebrate my redemption Every breath that I take And every morning when I wake

Title: Police
YourName: Danny Dell
Date: 29 Oct 2003
Time: 21:57:20


POLICE by Danny Dell COMMENT: (In the year 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court may officially delare the United States an "agnostic state"- freedom of religion to be interpreted as "not telling people your dogmas about a God they may not believe in." All cities may develop criminal penalties for distributing religious literature. At that time, here is one of the most popular ones on televsion): 

It is time now for "Police"- where the television camera follows live arrests, as the police of major cities in the United States apprehend criminals. In a living room of a single family house, a television set is being turned on by the resident. We hear the theme song: "Bad boy, bad girl, what are you goin' to do? Soon they will get...get...get you! POLICE!" 

We see a policeman in his patrol car. He talks to the TV camera, "Today, we are going out on a drug bust, as there has been a lot of trouble with heroin in the area." Just then, the police officer gets a dispatch on his car radio. The dispatch is muffled and hard to understand. The policeman says, "10 - 4." He then turns to the TV camera and says, "I just got the message to forget the drug bust for tonight, as a much more serious crime is infesting the city. 

The police car goes rushing down the street at a fast speed and turns a corner suddenly. The policeman slams on his brakes and exits the vehicle with a large flash light. The blue siren light on top of the police car flashes and is reflected on nearby parked vehicles as the television cameraman follows the police officer in persuit of a crime suspect. 

Other uniformed policemen are seen forcing a young, black man, approximately 20 years old, on the ground. "Get on the ground now!", one police officer yells as he points his revolver at the suspect. 

They rip open a leather satchel that the suspect was carrying. Inside are illegal substances- Christian Gospel tracts! The interviewed police officer tells the TV audience, "This is common around here. These Christians think they can force their beliefs about their God on innocent pedestrians. They usually hide large amounts of literature in these satchels so the police won't notice them. We really appreciate the city's Agnostic Association volunteers who report these hoodlums to us. They make our job much easier." 

After being forcibly handcuffed by three arresting police officers, the suspect is forced to stand and is escorted to a nearby police patrol car. He sings, "Onward, Christian Soldiers". 

With the back of his hand, the interviewed policeman hits the suspect hard on the mouth, which starts to bleed. "Shut up, scum!", the policeman yells.  One of the other policemen forces the suspect's head down as the latter is shoved into the rear seat of the squad car. 

The television program has a paid commercial break. After seeing one minute advertisements for toothpaste and a popular candy bar, we return to our show. 

The television interviewer is heard asking the police officer,"Where are we going, now?" The policeman is driving very fast and has the blue flashers on the car roof, plus the screaming police siren, activated. The siren has a particularly irritating sound. The policeman says, while driving, "We have a lead on another suspect. An unidentified man has been seen on the corner of Fourth and Broadway Streets talking to an elderly woman about Jesus." 

The policeman drives fast down the busy city streets, finds his suspect, and stops his vehicle. He jumps out of the police car, again carrying his large flashlight (it is evening and all is dark). 

The television camera shows a white male, approximately 30 years old, standing next to a white haired, elderly woman. The policeman yells at him, "Hey, you!" The suspect runs away, the policeman in hot pursuit. The television cameraman follows, as best he can. 

The suspect is tackled on the grass by the police officer, who skillfully sits on top of him. The policeman handcuffs the suspect's hands and feet. Soon, other policemen show up and violently kick the suspect in the abdomen and face as he is withering on the ground, saying in a weak voice, "Jesus loves you." 

Five police officers manage to lift up the man, whose face is bloody.  They carry him to one of the police squad cars, throwing him into the back seat and slamming the car door shut. As the squad car speeds off down the street, we hear the theme song of the TV show: "Bad boy, bad girl, what are you goin' to do? Soon they will get...get...get you! POLICE!" 

The announcer of the television program is heard saying, "All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Christians, however, are under heavy surveillance by both federal, state, and city criminal authorities and are usually prosecuted to the full measure of the law... See you next time...on...POLICE." The End

Title: Arise My Fair One
YourName: Liat Sindell
Date: 28 Oct 2003
Time: 19:50:25


Arise, my fair one, for the night is spent, You on your knees must not relent! The hour is quicker than we first believed. The time of mourning is almost relieved. As we celebrate this blessed morn. Get ready for heaven His bride to ADORN, so rush to meet your beloved groom. For my children I am coming soon.

Title: Excerpt from "My Name is Harold"
YourName: Danny Dell
Date: 27 Oct 2003
Time: 17:58:22


Harold "Lump" McCoy , transported in time and space, by a phonograph player from outer space: "He opened his eyes.. A Roman soldier yelled, "You! Come here! Pick it up!" Terrified, Lump emerged from the crowd, forced to pick up the large, heavy, wooden cross, as the pathetic looking prisoner lying on the ground could no longer drag the large object of his execution..The Romans took crude brass nails and (with a wood mallet)forced each nail through the flesh of the man's arms and feet, into the horrible execution cross. They stood it up,and anchored it to the the ground..A man who stood near Lump said, "That man there- he is Jesus of Nazareth"..All was dark, even though its was daytime...The prisoner said with a loving voice, "Father, forgive them" and died. Lump dropped to his knees, crying..He said, "I saw Jesus die for me.. Let me live for him! I repent of my whole, messed up life.." He was back at the warehouse, in the present time..His nasty friend, Ratzy tried to get Lump to return, to continue in his corrupted life as a thief, to help him with the stolen merchandise..Ratzy yelled, Lump, get back here! Lump! LUMP!" But the other man continued to walk to the door. Before he exited the building, he slowly turned to Ratzy and said, "My name is Harold. I am no longer Lump. I am a new man in Christ Jesus. I have seen the truth and it has set me free."..He exited the warehouse of stolen goods. Ratzy ran outside after him, but the other was already gone" -EXCERPT FROM THE SHORT STORY, "MY NAME IS HAROLD", BY BY DANNY DELL

Title: I would not blink an eye
YourName: Jon Blake
Date: 12 Aug 2003
Time: 14:04:59


Damn it pornography and all the like Damn it all those channels that come on late at night Damn it all those sites that the internet provides Damn it all those times that I surrender to the lies Damn them to the pits of hell I would not blink any eye

Title: Map of Life
YourName: cecil simpson
Date: 03 Mar 2003
Time: 21:11:58


Map of Life **** Teach me to read the 'map of life' teach me the skills you know. Give me your best - your very best - then show me the way to go. Let me follow the 'map of life' and become a guide to man, And feel myself as being a part of the Great Cartographer's plan.

Title: Grace
YourName: Theresa
Date: 04 Feb 2003
Time: 12:06:58


Grace Passing landmarks always moving towards purity purpose unattainable. A peace unceasing inspiring me onward. My divine guide spurns desire for good steering clear of evil terrain. Yet temptation will ever receive yield. Lost traveler weak and weary. Finds forgiveness for detours without question or proof of sorrow. And despite wavering faith my itinerary is not wasted. Routed in advance by the master of all endeavor and voyage. Bloodshed navigation, course charted sacrifice, destination glory so undeserved.

Title: Mirror Image
YourName: seth pedone
Date: 27 Nov 2002
Time: 14:02:02


When the clouds cover the sky from my eyes And the jester rest his coins upon my lids Paying the way to eternity I bleed Not for you, not for me, but for all who think they can see Shreds of flesh fall to the floor Your not dealing with a human anymore! Come into the world you think you understand! Step very carefully Razor blades cover the ground Dont want to cut yourself with good intentions Reaching out for me with a selfish group of hands Trying to heal there own pain Put a band aid on my cancer You will feel much better now Sleep well my friends Guilt and Cowardice weigh heavy upon a mans shoulders

Title: Spoken Words
YourName: Abiodun Razak
Date: 04 Jul 2002
Time: 14:06:21


Spoken Words. Darkness was everywhere He came and spoke Let there be light And there was light His power was in the spoken words Which He honours more than His name This is the name when heard Every tongue must proclaim Him Lord and God of every living thing And every knee must pay homage to Him Then whom can we compare Him to Seeing that with a spoken word from Him Things are done and when He commands They stand fast. I say again words, words, He accomplishes a lot Everything was created By Him with a spoken word.

Title: Decisions
YourName: Abiodun Razak
Date: 04 Jul 2002
Time: 14:05:18


Decisions Can't believe I am being watched What for? Since am a nobody Who knows me? I could just be like everyone else None would be the wiser Who knew I meet Jesus a year ago None as far as I know No one knows No one cares In my haste In being like everyone else My God was watching me My decision to blend in With the crowd A true betrayal Of His love for me With every passing day A lesson was taught To the people around me My actions were blazing A trail behind me For others to follow For good or ill I could help them, Fail them or love them With the decisions I take everyday.

Title: Prayer
YourName: Abiodun Razak
Date: 04 Jul 2002
Time: 14:04:08


Prayer Still a lot To learn from you Holy Spirit Teach me step by step How to talk; listen to you daily I know am only human Wanting to see; feel; smell and hear The person am talking to Learning to speak to you Without seeing you Is a mind blowing thought for me? My mind and intellect can't grasp this Please help me Lord You see my heart That I yearn to know You more each passing day Help my unbelief Cos I desperately want To speak; hear you Lord Help me I need you in my life I can't live without you And you know it Lord.

Title: My Daughter
YourName: Abiodun Razak
Date: 04 Jul 2002
Time: 13:53:54


My daughter A thing of rare beauty Conceived in love Birth in pain and agony Held in love and wonderment A thing of rare beauty to behold A gift of privilege and honour Given without bias to anyone Longed for by everyone Cherished by everyone Held in wonderment by all A thing of rare beauty Yet so fragile and sensitive Easily marred for life When neglected and abused By the given Healed by the gentle Soothing words of affections From the giver A thing of rare beauty A source of constant joy And surprises to the given A future filled with laughter for both When treasured as a prized possession By the given.

Title: to be named.....(if you have a suggestion please e-mail me with it)
YourName: Rian Riggins
Date: 24 Nov 2001
Time: 13:28:31


as i write, i'm filled with spite as i see what the devil is tryin to do to me and my country. God's revealing to me the snares of the wicked one. But I shall over come through the blood of his son. The devil play me like i'm stupid but i'm not the one goofin off as time is runnin out, the time is commin where every knee's gonna have to bow down. to my lord and savior Jesus christ, to the only one who paid the price. The lovely savior of the world is commin back in glory , you better be ready.ask me what he's done for me and my family. He's saved us from the pit of hell and he saved us from spendin life n jail and he set us free delivered me. So devil you stand back cuz i'm ready to attack. In the name of my Jesus you gotts ta flee, you better leave me cuz i don't play no games and i ain't insane so i'm ready, take your best shot. But i gotta let you know, it'll be blocked:)

Title: My Epiphany
YourName: Deep Thought
Date: 13 Oct 2001
Time: 02:51:34


My Aristocracy lies within the theocracy but my mind is filled with vanity and the world just points at me and laughs as I turn-rage in winds of insanity Original works are here and treasures are not too hard to find when you supress the evils in a force called brutal and explore the channels of a renewed mind Beaten black and blue none as colorful as you and as your flesh was stripped of skin you conscidered me still next of kin "remember me in your distress, call on me in your weakness" your soothing voice comes over me you are my Truth, my Epiphany

YourName: Barbara Ann Green
Date: 18 Jun 2001
Time: 14:50:08


What does the "HAPPY" mean in days like, "HAPPY MOTHERS/FATHERS" day, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY", OR EVEN THE "MERRY" in Christmas.

For a large percent of the population, it means just what it says. But for the rest, say the late fiftys and older, it has a very different meaning. Instead of being the "happy" day, the tradegy of it all is, it's the "SAD" day. It means more excruciating loneliness on top of the loneliness that's already there. A form of depression sets in,and they ache to the bone. They feel forgotten, useless, and what self-esteem,{if they have any left} bottoms out. It's one of the reasons for alot of suicides during these Holidays.

The children, some call, but act like it's a chore, or a job they had to do to make themselves feel better. Some will send a card, to say what they should have said in person. Some will send flowers, or candy. But what a Mother/Father wants to see is the product of his/her years, to say "thanks Mom/Dad, even though it's not necessary, it's what we call respect! It's a boost for someone who needs all the encouragement they can muster up in their later years. It gives them something to look forward to, to make it another year of living.

For most, they are alone,spouse deceased, and living on small incomes,In nursing homes, or Government Housing. Most are eating off Food Stamps.

Most feeling blessed, all they want is a real hug from a child, and some company. I wonder how they would feel to go out and eat in a fancy restaurant once a year. I can just see them, with great big smiles on their faces, eyes all aglow, telling everybody, "This is my Son/Daughter, you know".

YourName: Barbara Ann Green
Date: 13 Jun 2001
Time: 04:05:09


Have you ever wondered how effective hugs are? you rarely give a hug that is not appreciated, or receive one that does not make your day a little brighter. Can you think of any medication that has such pleasant effects? Hugs are good for you. They are not fattening and they don't cause cancer or give you cavities. They are all natural, contain no perservities, artifical sweetners or any other chemical additives. Hugs are cholestrol free and contain 100% of the recommended dailey allowance of hope and happiness. They're a completely renewable source of energy and they're available without a perscription. Hugs don't require any special instructions. They don't need batteries, tune-ups or x-rays. They're nontaxable, fully refundable, and energy efficient. They can be used safely in all kinds of weather, as a matter of fact, they work especially well during cold or rainey seasons. They are particulary effective in treating everyday problems like stress, worry, anger, flustration, sadness, sorrow, and even the occasional nightmare. The best thing about hugs is you can use them without special training or prior experience. But a word of caution for those of you trying it for the first time, you should never wait until tomorrow to hug someone who needs it today. Once you realize how good it feels, you'll want to do it all over again tomorrow! Yes--hugs are extremly addictive.

Title: A Lost Christian
YourName: Josh Rutherford
Date: 08 Jun 2001
Time: 14:54:05


For many days I have wandered this desert, my feet treading upon new sand, sand no one has walked on. And during those days I've seen no one.

Heaven is my destination, a city full of hope. Yet as I wander this desert I can't help but wonder if I'm going the right way.

I've tried to travel with others before, on roads they claimed as the best. Yet in my heart I knew I could not travel such roads, roads full of twists and turns. Was not the road to heaven lined with goodness? Then why are the roads they encourage me to travel on scattered with arrogance?

They claim to walk the way of truth, the road of heaven. Yet I can not walk as they walk, on bleak roads constructed by the blind. And for that I am condemned to wander the desert all alone. All alone.

I have walked too long in this lonely desert and have lost hope of salvation. My clothes are torn, my feet are blistered, and my mouth is parched from walking this seemingly endless journey.

Just like the homeless you see on the street, Like that woman in a wheelchair, Like that lonely teenager at school, The ones who must sustain the heat As grains of sand in that desert Devoid of hope, without help, I am a lost Christian.

I now find my soul crawling on hands and knees through this sweltering desert. I want water, I want rest. I need to know the way of faith, To salvation, to heaven. The heat of uncertainty is killing me As I wander the desert A lost Christian.

My hope has faded and I do not know the way. I find myself wandering the desert of life A lost Christian, A lost Christian.

YourName: Barbara Ann Green
Date: 29 May 2001
Time: 08:16:07


I was living in the foothills of the appliachian mount- ians, overlooking a beautiful lake. All the children were grown, and married. It was just my husband and I. In June of'96 God called my husband home to be with him. I had never been on my own, in my whole life, and I was 59 years old. It was so frightening.After about 3 mos., I decided to move back to where I originally came from. God gave me this poem, I know to ease me through the pain.

"DOWN THE MOUNTAIN TO THE CREEK' We know not in life, what the future holds or sends, But thank God, I lived on a mountain, that was full of friends. When things changed, and I was full of grief, The devil tried to hit me, with pain, doubt, and fear, with no relief. I kept my heart open to God,and He took away that doubt and fear, He led me down a path of not knowing, but trusting, and He brought me here. He led me down that mountain, to a quite little spot, That lay beside a little creek, to a little country Church, on a pretty shady lot. O the joy, compassion, and love, that fills that beautiful place, Your heart just floods with joy, and puts a smile on your face. Calera, Alabama

YourName: Barbara
Date: 28 May 2001
Time: 16:49:42


I have a neuromuscalar disease called " Myasthenia Gravis". 14 years ago the Drs. said that I had 1 to 3 years to live. Well as you can see I'm still here and working for the Lord!! I play piano in my Church, write the Church news paper, and living alone. Now that makes the devil mad!!!!!!! I was feeling down one day and the Lord gave me this poem:


Title: I Will Not Surrender
YourName: Micah Miner
Date: 29 Jan 2001
Time: 07:02:48


I Will Not Surrender As the cold falls from the sky Weather reflects me today Hide inside myself and cry With the skies dismal and gray I want to collapse and lie Wind cold causing disarray Seems hopeless I want to die The ground relentless cold clay Is there any help on high Wanting to collapse and lay The piercing ice coming nigh Unmoving, its tempting stay Clouds do fall back I now cry I wont surrender that way Fist shaking at the dark sky This will not end me today

Title: Your Name
YourName: Wanda Stillman
Date: 05 Aug 2000
Time: 01:11:40


When Jesus calls your name, a flame bursts within your heart. Peace takes its' proper place, happiness becomes fulltime; Joy gets greater and greater; Love leaps through your body. Pain and sickness takes a back seat; Heartache,Self Pity, and Hatered runs from you; Kindness becomes a delight. Life is easier when Jesus calls your name; Strength and Courage flows through your veins. Take heed and hold on when Jesus Calls your name.

Title: Your Name
YourName: Wanda
Date: 05 Aug 2000
Time: 01:10:37


When Jesus calls your name, a flame bursts within your heart. Peace takes its' proper place, happiness becomes fulltime; Joy gets greater and greater; Love leaps through your body. Pain and sickness takes a back seat; Heartache,Self Pity, and Hatered runs from you; Kindness becomes a delight. Life is easier when Jesus calls your name; Strength and Courage flows through your veins. Take heed and hold on when Jesus Calls your name.

Title: Shadow of the Cross
YourName: Skylar Burris
Date: 08 Jan 2000
Time: 09:46:52


Birth does not exist alone It dwells with death and loss As in the humble manger looms The Shadow of the Cross.

Title: If You Believe
YourName: Kim Barron
Date: 04 Dec 1999
Time: 18:29:30


Have you ever stopped to look around this big and lonely life, Only to find you feel left behind nothing seems quite right, Hold out your heart, hold out your hand, to a miracle you can't imagine.... Praise his name, even if the world around you is falling, Praise his name, even if you can't find your calling, Trust in him, throw your worries away, bring the sun out from the clouds today, hope and love can show you the way... If you believe.. I see desperation in your eyes and you think that all is lost, But someone has suffered far more than you when he died upon that cross, Asking only for your forgiveness he gave everything he had, Leaving his son and his word for you but still we make him very sad. Why are we always searching when it's right before our eyes, And how do we always turn away before we catch the prize, There is only one thing in this world that can make you feel complete, The acceptance of a greater power and his shoes are on your feet. Praise his name, even if the world around you is falling, Praise his name, even if you can't find his calling, Trust in him, throw your worries away, bring the sun out from the clouds today, hope and love can show you the way... If you believe...

Title: The Centurion
YourName: Darien Kierstead
Date: 29 Nov 1999
Time: 12:42:12


The Centurion

To all of you people willing to hear of the story from a soldier of Rome, It's the story of One that I now hold dear, of One who is calling us home.

I remember well that day in that Judean city When we brought to trial the "King of the Jews", The mob screamed out for His blood without pity And we wondered "simply for teaching good news?"

"We have no King but Caesar" was their loud claim They wouldn't listen to reason They wanted us to flog Him, torture or maim, for an alleged high crime of treason.

Our Procurator questioned Him time after time "Are You their King?" he would say, But in Him he was unable to find any crime And finally sent Him away.

Pilate then called for some water A servant brought some in a pan The Nazarene was handed over to us for slaughter while Pilate said "I am innocent of the blood of this man."

The accused was led to a private square To be flogged 39 times with the whip That was when I first beheld Him there As one man tore off His shirt with a rip.

For a moment I saw Him lift up His head And I knew Him from days past How could anyone want this kind man dead? Was the question I wanted to ask.

This was the man who just a few weeks before had told me "Your servant is healed." My servant's health He did completely restore, His love for us was revealed.

The whip continued to whistle through the air I turned my head unable to gaze Upon this innocent man with His back laid bare, He never made a sound, I was amazed.

The men then took Him and used Him for sport I could not stand to take part The laughter and shouting echoed through the court While I wrestled with the pain in my heart.

A beam was then strapped to His arms and back and we headed up the narrow road to Golgotha, through that howling pack, while He stumbled under the load.

We at last made our way to the top And we threw Him down to the ground I secretly wished this nightmare would stop His legs were then taken and bound.

What is this? It just cannot be I was suddenly unbearably sad The Tribune just handed the nails to me Is the whole world going mad?

I cannot do this but do I have a choice? I cried out to my gods above It was then that I heard that beautiful voice Filled with compassion and love.

"Father,forgive them," He said in His pain, "They know not what they do," Just then the sky darkened and it started to rain I wondered if what He had claimed was true.

I hesitated as I took the hammer and nail How can I do this man harm? But I must carry out my orders, I cannot fail Just then He laid out His arm.

I looked at Him and considered His face And I felt deeply ashamed Despite pain, He reflected love, peace, and grace How could such a man be blamed?

I breathed a prayer as I drove the nails through His wrists then continued on to His feet I thought "this man will sorely be missed" I felt darkness, despair, and defeat.

As I watched Him hang in agony and grief I wondered what His death had proved I then heard Him promise paradise to the thief and I was deeply moved.

"It is finished," I heard Him finally cry and I realized this man was Divine He breathed His last, I saw Him die and I wanted His spirit for mine.

Why would His own people betray Him? It seemed so extremely odd My own soul began to crave Him "Surely He was the Son of God."

Who could I talk to about Him? I sought His disciples that day I could no longer live without Him I began to search, question, and pray.

I could not find His friends they always hid from me I just wanted to make amends I wanted my spirit to be free.

I spent many long, lonely, anxious years trying to answer His call I struggled daily with doubts and fears until I met a man named Paul.

It had been a long time but I had tried to stay true serving in many lands and finally home I had many questions, didn't know what to do until I met Paul in Rome.

He told me the good news and led me in prayer I welcomed His spirit into my heart I was "born again" just standing there I was white as snow with a clean, fresh start.

I couldn't help but witness every chance I got For Caesar was no longer my Lord Soon word got out and I was caught and forfeited my head to the sword.

The next thing I knew I was at a gate It swung open slowly, oh Rapture! My soul leapt for joy, I couldn't wait to see the One by whom my heart had been captured.

There He was with outstretched hands And I kneeled before the One I had pierced He took me gently and led me into indescribable lands the One whom my heart holds dearest.

He waits for you, too, His precious child He waits patiently longing to hold you Stay true to His spirit, be not defiled And please believe what I've told you.

Title: Joe Really Heard Jesus
YourName: Jim Bolton
Date: 16 Nov 1999
Time: 21:04:24


Joe really 'heard' Jesus By Jim Bolton

A year ago we had a sad day in our church. One of our well-known and well-liked youth was killed in a violent automobile accident.

Unlike many people, Joe was prepared for his homecoming. Joe knew Jesus as his Lord and personal Savior. Joe hadn't been a Christian for a long time, less than a year in fact, however he had a zeal for Christ unmatched by most.

One of the things that people recognized Joe for, aside from his relationship with Jesus was his inability to hear speech. You see, Joe had been deaf since a toddler. However, Joe actually "heard" more than we can fathom.

Joe came to our church early in the year at the invitation of one of our youth during revival services. Jesus touched Joe that day. Not long afterwards, he received Jesus into his heart and was forgiven of his sins. He was also later baptized.

Through a volunteer interpreter, he followed along during every sermon and he enjoyed attending church services as often as he could. And he actually listened to Jesus.

He had a relationship that many of us strive to obtain. There is no secret to having a relationship with Jesus like Joe's. Joe heard and understood the foundation of our faith -- that "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." (John 3:16, KJV)

I believe that if Joe's physical handicap hadn't prevented him from doing so, he would have shouted long and loud that Jesus lives! He would have shouted out a sermon inviting people to acknowledge Jesus as Lord and to confess their sins and receive forgiveness and eternal salvation.

Joe has left this earth, but his legacy will always be his love for Jesus Christ. He lived by example a fine Christian life that youth and adults alike can respect.

If you don't know Jesus today as Savior, then think about Joe. Joe was ready to die, are you?


Title: Temptation and Spiritual Warfare
YourName: Jim Bolton
Date: 16 Nov 1999
Time: 20:58:33


Temptation and Spiritual Warfare By Jim Bolton

Each one of us can look back into our past and remember one or more occasions where we gave in to sin. The temptation was (or seemed to be) too strong to handle.

The fact is, we're all going to be tempted many times throughout our lives. The question is, are we going to give satan the victory by giving in to the temptations?

Many people ask why has God tempted me? What they fail to realize, or may not even know, is that God does not tempt people.

"Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man: But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed. Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death." (James 1:13-15, KJV)

Satan is the tempter, and he strives to break the bonds of fellowship we have with God. He cannot keep a saved person from going to heaven but he will do all he can to weaken our love relationship with God.

He can't win in eternity because Jesus Christ sealed the ultimate victory when he died on the cross. However, satan can win little battles if we allow him to influence our decisions and actions.

Temptation is strong, but God is not responsible for it. God may allow temptation if it draws us closer to Him and makes us totally rely on Him.

"There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also may a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it." (1 Corinthians 10:13, KJV).

When Jesus Christ died on the cross, he eliminated the chains satan wrapped around us.

Spending eternity with God is what gives us hope. With this knowledge, all we have to do is ask God for guidance and strength to overcome satan's attacks.


Title: God's formula for success
YourName: Jim Bolton
Date: 15 Nov 1999
Time: 18:06:22


God's formula for success

By Jim Bolton

Success. What is it? For many it can be measured by fast cars, ornate homes and high-paying jobs. Webster's defines it as "a satisfactory completion of something … the gaining of wealth and fame." However, God's view of success has little to do with fast cars, wealth or fame. The true measure of a successful man, as outlined scripturally, is someone whose focus is not on worldly "fame" but rather on Jesus! God has given us a formula for true success in the first Psalm. "Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in His law doth he meditate day and night. And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper." (Psalm 1:1-3, KJV). Television, movies, the news media and even books push the world's view of success. If you want "true" success they say, just indulge in the flesh. Do whatever you have to do. Isolate yourself from your families. Work late hours. Do whatever it takes to get ahead, even if it means backbiting your co-workers, cheating on your income taxes, whatever it takes! In order to have and enjoy success, the focus of our lives needs to be fixed on Christ. However, if the world's desires drive us, we will always be left unsatisfied and longing for more. Success is a matter of perspective. If yours is set on Christ, then you will experience a lifetime of true prosperity. What if you never received any worldly recognition? Would you still enjoy life? When your life is focused on Jesus, He becomes the source of your success. If your only goal in life is to please Him, then all of your needs will be met. If you live in a comfortable home and have a car adequate enough to transport you to and from work and church, then do you really need expensive material possessions? Scripturally we are told to lay up our treasures in Heaven. It is difficult for the sinner to understand that you don't need material possessions to measure success. But by pursuing worldly "success," the sinner only separates himself from the will of God. Psalm 1 continues by saying, "The ungodly are not so; but are like the chaff which the wind driveth away. Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgement, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous. For the Lord knoweth the way of the righteous; but the way of the ungodly shall perish." (Psalm 1:4-6, KJV). The mark of a successful man is one who meditates on the Lord day and night. A successful man lifts up his needs and seeks guidance from the Lord. When we get to Heaven, the Father will not be checking to see if we departed earth with a million-dollar home and six-figure income. Rather, He will measure our success by the Godly life we led. How do you define success? Success is a matter of perspective - yours or Gods. Today you need to evaluate your life and perform a "success check." Seek the Lord's guidance, meditate on His word and you will find true success!

Title: Tears of the Iris
YourName: Janice Hingley
Date: 8/18/99
Time: 9:16:05 PM


Tears of the Iris

When raindrops fall on the Iris's green blades, The beauty of God is there displayed.

Most dew drop diamomds cling for life, But some roll down the sharp green knife.

Down to the ground to feed the roots below, To make the plant strong to enable it to grow.

When the rain ceases, some drops will evaporate, Back to the sky to meet God at Heaven's gate.

These are like our prayers floating from the earth, But the drops that fall are still valuable in their worth.

The one nurtures the soul, the other the born again spirit, When the Valley of Baca comes, God's always with you in it.

Copyright Janice Hingley, August 99

Title: Shadow
YourName: Skylar Burris
Date: 8/10/99
Time: 2:03:29 AM



Birth does not exist alone, It dwells with Death and Loss, As in the humble manger looms The Shadow of the Cross.

Please visit: for more Christian poetry and prose!

Title: Prayer
YourName: Susan Williams
Date: 8/7/99
Time: 9:20:32 PM


I spoke your name In the Presence Laid out your pain, Your confusion On the bloodied altar and Pled for your peace. He poured out words of love Caressing your name with a Father's tenderness Dropping tears of compassion Into his cupped hands Ready to baptize you With holy relief

Title: See the Truth
EmailAddress: Salock@gateway
YourName: Kelley Saylor
Date: 7/23/99
Time: 1:05:21 AM


See the Truth

The truth is not self-seeking. You can find it anywhere. On a plane or on a ferry. On a bus or in a car. The truth will surely get you far. It is the freedom of the church. It is the writer who knows and hurts. Freedom you say, how so? I know for the truth is what I see. In Christ Jesus I will plea. He is this truth I see. See me, he says. See me.

Title: 3rd World
YourName: ali
Date: 7/7/99
Time: 9:15:50 AM


<!--HEAD1--> <center><h1>3rd World</h1><br><br>No hope, no life,<br> Just suffering and strife.<br> Always a debt to pay,<br> Freedom a lifetime away.<br> Crushed by a burden too heavy to bear,<br> Going through life with no-one to care.<br> Knowing there's no hope at all,<br> Living each day just waiting to fall.<br> When one day is over<br> Another will start,<br> Just watching the pictures<br> Would break any heart.<br> Children who haven't had food for a week,<br> Old people who can't stand,<br> Mothers with small babies dying,<br> Children stumbling and crying.<br> Innocent victims of a struggle of power,<br> More of them dying hour by hour.<br> Helping these people is easy for us,<br> Why does the Western world make such a fuss?</center><br>

Title: 3rd World
YourName: ali
Date: 7/7/99
Time: 9:11:15 AM


3rd World

No hope, no life, Just suffering and strife. Always a debt to pay, Freedom a lifetime away. Crushed by a burden too heavy to bear, Going through life with no-one to care. Knowing there's no hope at all, Living each day just waiting to fall. When one day is over Another will start, Just watching the pictures Would break any heart. Children who haven't had food for a week, Old people who can't stand, Mothers with small babies dying, Children stumbling and crying. Innocent victims of a struggle of power, More of them dying hour by hour. Helping these people is easy for us, Why does the Western world make such a fuss?

YourName: Diana Scharine
Date: 6/14/99
Time: 1:35:19 AM


I love that Jesus wept. I weep. I love that Jesus got mad. I get mad. I love that Jesus got tired. I get tired. I love that Jesus cooked fish on the beach for His friends. I would do that. I love that Jesus defended an adulterous. I was one. I love that Jesus spent time with liars, and cheaters. I have lied, and more. I love that Jesus told stories to make a point. I like to listen to stories. I love that Jesus broke the "rules" by healing on the Sabboth. I am a nurse. I love that Jesus washed feet. I've done that. I love that Jesus wanted the little children around Him. I am a mom. I love that Jesus scolded the "sooo religious". I tire of their falseness, yet sometimes I am false. I love that Jesus loves me, and forgives me. Sometimes I can't. I love that Jesus died for me. I am saved!

Title: The Journey/The Witness
YourName: Rob Weddle
Date: 6/4/99
Time: 11:23:10 AM


“The Witness” (Inspired by Mathew 9:18-26) By Rob Weddle

She was dead…yes, dead! That’s what I said

I’m not a fool as you are accustomed I’m well rehearsed in laws and customs (and the stench of cold religion that confuses me all the more)

There was death in her eyes Yet she is alive! So the layers peel slowly away as sunrise at the break of day

…and I find myself dancing as the Stranger walks through my door

“The Journey” By Rob Weddle

Thistles, thorns Storms and imps of invisible and cruel colors hover at the foot of the mountain

I will climb until the Shepherd carries me away in a whirlwind

I submit that it is not the goal that transforms the soul Oh no, oh no

The Journey is the thing

Title: Mad America
YourName: Rob Weddle
Date: 6/4/99
Time: 10:59:57 AM


“Mad America” By Rob Weddle

“To whom it may (but probably won’t) concern:

“You must pardon me, as these rampant, chicken scratchings weave a tangled web of misery and mortality. Perhaps what you are reading is typed nice and neat in a police report? Or maybe in some Psychology textbook chapter entitled ’36 Says To Recognize Mental Instability’? “Oh well. It is of no consequence. “The context in which my embittered ramblings are contained is of no relevance to me. It is a trivial detail that, although weighing heavily on the mind of the occasionally ‘over-sensitive’ reader, matters not in the least to me. “Before you, (whoever ‘you’ are), dismiss me as just another ‘twisted psycho’ bent on murder and bloodshed, it is my wish…no, it is my duty…to set the record straight. “These insights will not alter the events that have transpired in the hours before my impending self-demise, but at the very least, will attempt to explain the motivating factors behind my actions. Please read carefully, with an open mind, before passing judgement. Do not focus on the end result of a life spent engulfed in mental anguish, but rather on the inner turmoil that birthed the anguish itself.

“For a few brief years as a child I was ignorant to the oppressing forces that control this nation. I was poor, yes, but did not feel the claw-like grip of poverty. Nor did I hear its gravel whisper, as a madman lost in the subtle art of manipulation “Then the madman tracked me down. “My Mother and I roamed to and fro in an area then referred to as ‘Colored Town’. She said she never knew my Father’s name, and that I was the result of a violation on her rights as a woman. I was told daily, sometimes hourly, that my entire existence only proved to remind my Mother of the worst offense she ever had the misfortune to experience. “As I grew, she dragged me from doorstep to alley to shelter to condemned building. She, of course, felt the need to reiterate the fact that she ‘could’ve really gotten somewhere in this life’, if it wasn’t for me. “Then one bitter day I was found sleeping in a dumpster by a garbage collector. He bellowed ‘What are you doing in there, boy?’ I sheepishly responded ‘I was cold and tired’. He softened a bit, then queried ‘Where’s your Momma?’ I fought back fragile tears and whispered ‘I don’t know, sir’. “I was placed in the care of Family Services, which is America’s term for ‘unwanted’. I was shuffled from one stranger’s home to the next, all of them cold, lifeless shells of human non-existence.

“Okay, enough details. My current train of thought has only proven to fuel the fire of my discontent. Therefore, I shall ‘skip to the end’, as they say.

“When I was nineteen I was busted for armed robbery. I served twelve grueling years in the state pen before being paroled. Finding a job after my release had nearly proven to be a spirit-breaking process, when I landed a spot on the assembly line at a local fruit-packing plant. “My willingness to get ahead soon caught the attention of my supervisor, Charlie Brooks. I was promoted to ‘Lead Man’ on my line two years later. Along with the new title came more money and added, but welcomed, responsibilities. “It finally, FINALLY, felt great to be alive.

“About six months later I was informed of a problem with my paycheck. Mr. Brooks told me about the new payroll clerk, who had been hired the day before, and that I should talk to her. “’Her name is Myra Cunningham’ he said. “’Myra…’ I began, not finding the words within my soul to finish the thought. Trembling like a leaf on a brisk autumn day, I closed my eyes. Somewhere, the madman laughed. “’Yeah, Cunningham. Hey, same last name as yours. You guys related or something?’ he smiled “Instantaneously possessed by childhood demons, I walked off the line, out the door, and into the mocking night air. “Myra Cunningham. My Mother.

“That was two weeks ago. “By now, both my ‘Mother’ and I are dead. My brutality and madness boils down to this: I refuse to live in a world which punishes children for trying to survive, and rewards devil-women who throw their offspring to the wolves. “This is my last will and testament. I bequeath my ashes to the Pacific Ocean, and my anger to the wind.

Signed, William Cunningham”

The young man took the letter in his hands, then began to shred it, leaving confetti covering the floor of the investigation room. Two plain-clothes policemen watched with a wearied expression. “So, what’s the deal, kid? Did you enter the living room before or after Mr. Cunningham had shot your Mother?” The adolescent paced the length of the room, muttering obscenities, his fists locked tight. The officers were unaware if he had even heard the question. After a full minute of acrimonious silence, the teenager plopped down on the chair that faced the policemen and began to speak. “I heard that guy come in the house. He didn’t say a word, but I saw him shoot her. I was in the kitchen, and I grabbed one of Momma’s butcher knives from the drawer. He turned the gun on me, but I gutted him before he had the chance. I wasn’t gonna give that sorry sucker the satisfaction.” Sergeant’s Whittle and Burrows exchanged quizzical glances. They knew he was a model kid. They had done enough research to find at least that much out. The son then began to weep. “I know it was wrong,” he cried. “I just flipped out. I ain’t never done anything like that before, and I’m sorry it happened. I know I’m going up the river for this, and I’m ready for my punishment.” He paused, as if trying to convince himself of the statement. “I’m ready.” “Whatta ya think, John?” Burrows asked. “Self-defense?” “Looks like,” Whittle replied, sighing exhaustively. “Okay, kid. You’re free to go,” Burrows stated as he rose to his feet. The boy searched the faces of first one officer, then the other. With no trace of a smile on their countenance, and not an ounce of sarcasm in their voices, he knew they were serious. He stood and began to reply a weak “Thank you”, but the words got caught in his throat. He exited the room hastily, before they could change their minds. Entering the back door out of the kitchen, the young man greeted his older brother with a sigh. His sibling, perplexed, walked to the fatigued youth and embraced him. “What happened, man? I thought for sure they'd hold you,” the elder one asked. The little brother, tears welling up in his eyes and quickly crawling down his grubby cheeks, managed a weak grin. After a few awkward moments, he answered. “Jesus pardoned me, man. Just like the preacher said.” He buried his head into his brother’s shoulder and wrapped his frail arms around him. “He pardoned me.”

Title: Is He Crying
YourName: Jaimie D. Travis
Date: 5/24/99
Time: 6:16:57 PM


Confessions arise Because of all of your lies Look into my eyes and tell me what you're denying

Hearts left to break Cars and stereos to take Look at yourself and tell me if you're trying

Addictions to feed Is it the money you need Look at your dreams and tell me if you're flying

Victims to meet Babies living in the street Look into their hell and tell me if their frying

Too little to late You taught your children to hate Look into their souls and tell me if their dying

You take it to church Sometimes open your purse Look into your heart and tell me what you're buying

A man on the cross But your soul is still lost Look into His eyes and tell me if He's crying

From: The Word Gallery, Jaimie D. Travis, Copyright 1999

Title: In A Perfect World
YourName: Jaimie D. Travis
Date: 5/24/99
Time: 6:13:24 PM


In a perfect world, Believers would walk down the streets with pride, Faith would never appear to be a weakness they must hide.

In a perfect world, Love could be found in the heart's of all men, They would wave from their windows and say good-by to sin.

In a perfect world, Homeless would dwell in the sanctuary of God's word, The news of our Savior would never go unheard.

In a perfect world, Accused would look towards the Lord for compassion, Repentance would be sought after like the latest fashion, In a perfect world.

The righteous would not fear becoming a minority, And the souls of every man, woman, and child would be set free.

In a perfect world, A world where humanity strives to become more like You, We would speak Your words, Feel Your emotions, Hear Your thoughts, Mimic Your actions, Understand Your intentions As You look down and smile upon us, Your perfect world.

Title: Vain Perception
YourName: Adam Herring
Date: 5/21/99
Time: 11:19:07 PM


broken pieces of a shattered image lie on my canvas wall. it is a jigsaw puzzle of a vain perception of a twisted reality. with my feeble hands, i try to realign this false view, hoping to make sense out of this fading world. though with every try of my mind, i lose my grip and fall into the night. into the darkness I find myself with no way out with every breath in my soul, i scream into this void. behind the endless black pierces pierces the burning light of my savior. through the dark shadows he raises my soul to endless peace. now the world i see before me become visible as truth uncovers the deception around me.

Title: As He Was Crucified
YourName: Greg Brandelli
Date: 5/11/99
Time: 7:46:02 PM


As He Was Crucified People mourned Him People wondered People people praised Him People adored Him

As He Was Crucified People screamed "save yourself" Then they realized That He was truly The Son of GOD

As He Was Crucified The veil was torn The earth shook Rocks were split Graves were opened

As He Was Crucified He was wounded For our transgressions He was bruised For our iniquities He carried our sorrows

As He Was Crucified He saved us from our sin So we could go to Heaven He paid our debt He conquered death He built the bridge As He Was Crucified

Title: Child, My Child
YourName: Cheryl Steenburn
Date: 5/5/99
Time: 10:16:56 PM


The rain may fall, there in the heart Dark clouds obstruct the view. But child, hear me, trust in me. I will guide you, and set you to shine There, as a star in the universe.

Child, my child--dry your eyes; open Wide and see the vision I place before you: Everlasting life and enduring happiness. Go, my child, and shine.

YourName: Robert Willam Gruhn
Date: 4/29/99
Time: 1:36:50 PM


My pen is a sword

With which, I defend the word of the Lord

These simple writings, are not needed by He

Only to help all of us sinners, to finally see

A President is not, the deliverer of our future

For our only hope is heaven, of this I'm sure

Without God, we are but a speck of universe dust

All He asks is to give Him, our unrequited trust

Just look at our leaders, centuries old greed is their weakness

And their lusting for power, leaves the world in duress

I will continue to write for Him, no matter how unpopular

So, if you continue on this course, Satan will surely be your harbinger

Copyright 1999 Robert William Gruhn All Rights Reserved

Note: I would appreciate any feedback! God bless you all. Robert William

Title: True Friends
YourName: J. Frank Hudson
Date: 4/26/99
Time: 11:26:10 PM


Friends don't leave you, when things go wrong They don't try to ignore you, when you're all alone Friends don't walk away, when you reach out your hand They stay by your side, and help you to stand!

A friend is someone you can talk to, without being afraid That what you have told them, will turn them away A friend does not leave a friend, to make new friends along the way A true friend is someone that is here to stay!

Christ is my true friend!

Title: Love Is Seeing With The Heart
YourName: J. Frank Hudson
Date: 4/26/99
Time: 11:24:09 PM


Friends don't leave you, when things go wrong They don't try to ignore you, when you're all alone Friends don't walk away, when you reach out your hand They stay by your side, and help you to stand!

A friend is someone you can talk to, without being afraid That what you have told them, will turn them away A friend does not leave a friend, to make new friends along the way A true friend is someone that is here to stay!

Christ is my true friend!

Title: Love Is Seeing With The Heart
YourName: J. Frank Hudson
Date: 4/26/99
Time: 11:17:54 PM


Love is seeing somebody, in a nobody. Love is seeing an arm full of roses, in a hand full of daisys. Love is seeing a roaring blue ocean, in a dirty old mud puddle. Love is seeing a fantastically colorful garden, in a field of green weeds. Love is seeing the glowing sunlight, in the pouring rain. Love is, seeing you!

Title: Without Hope
YourName: J. Frank Hudson
Date: 4/26/99
Time: 11:11:54 PM


When your down and they tell you that your life is o're; The future you had planned, could be never more. Just lean on Jesus, trust in what He has to say; He promises you abundant life, if you'll just trust and obey.

Title: My Poem
YourName: Aprille
Date: 4/18/99
Time: 11:46:03 PM


One verse is written as each day Slowly slips on by And each word I speak out loud Becomes a part of my life's rhyme As you mold and bend and polish the sounds That form the poem I lead You see beyond the dirt and grime That is so much a part of me. It needs a few more words, And it needs a few more lines And here and there the rhythm Is a few beats off its time. But when you and me together Walk through this poem side by side All the pieces will begin to fit That make up who I am inside. And I know somehow this verse Will work out someday to be A beautiful image portraying All you have ever done for me.

Title: Still
YourName: Eric Brook
Date: 4/11/99
Time: 12:33:24 AM


Still As I lie down I can believe The Voice that says “Peace, be still.”

My conscience will Not torment my soul In gracious rest A promise spoken

My faith unbroken I can hear again The silence in me And O what Peace!

I will cease From my labor’s woe No glistened brow A skin for shame

Removes the blame For a covenant shattered And I am clothed In a virgin gown

Title: Loneliness
YourName: Micah Miner
Date: 3/31/99
Time: 10:44:33 PM


Loneliness surrounds me, though I know You are always there Please remove my worries, for they're more than I can bear

I know that I will never comprehend the loneliness You felt Where You were crucified for my sins on the cross where You knelt

Your Almighty hands were eternally marred for my wretched self Oh Lord my God help me put myself on the shelf

Here, oh Lord is my life Though it is full of strife

The End is certain, though it is hard to live today Protect me and use me, so I don't get lost along the way

Remove anything in my life that comes between me and You Make me Your servant humble and true

So at the end of my life, when Your work through me is done I will have the privilege to please You, the Audience of One And You will say to me Your servant well done.

Date: 3/9/99
Time: 11:20:35 PM



God be willing I'll live a man. Doing the best at what I can. Not as a fool, a fake nor fraud But that bestowed in me by God.

God be willing I'll take the path, That keeps me straight, avoids His wrath. Sometimes a lonely and dreary plod But one that keeps me with my God.

God be praised that when I leave, My friends on Earth, they will not grieve. I'll not be far, no, not a rod. Just thro' that Door in peace with God.

Title: I am
YourName: Melissa
Date: 2/28/99
Time: 12:54:45 AM


I am your guardian I am your shelter I am your hope I am your best friend I am your shoulder to cry on I am your strength through your struggles I am your confidant in times of need I am all this and more I am your father I am your savior

Title: How To Fly
YourName: Blanton Pierre Hardy
Date: 12/8/98
Time: 11:57:16 PM


Dear Sir/Madame

It’s so cool that there is another person besides me who loves poetry, I am a Christian poet, storyteller, and rapper myself and I invite you to my website.  Here is one of my works to post:


Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen the; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

Isaiah 41:10

Hey rockin robin, why don’t you fly? Has the drugs and booze of this world got you down so that you won’t even try?

Hey little eagle, why don’t you soar? School got you down so that it’s impossible to explore?

Hey little buzzard why don’t you glide? Has religion got you down so that you can’t…….electric slide?

Hey little parrot, why don’t your wings flap? Do the arrogant attitudes of people cause you not to fly Anywhere on the map?

Hey little cuckoo, why don’t you move? Has the sex and lust got you so that you can’t move?

Hey little bee, why don’t you swoop? If it wasn’t for that anger in your heart, you would loop de loop.

Hey little mosquito, why don’t you go higher? Soar past what this world says a man or woman should require.

Hey little ladybug, why do you climb? Be original, because you are in your prime.

Hey little tweety, why don’t you wing it? Have faith little bird, got love and swing it.

Hey little fly, why not take flight? If the Word is in your heart you can do everything at this height.

Hey little goose, where are your feathers? The rain of judgmental eyes can get you much wetter.

Hey little owl, why you in the air? Is it what they say about you so you won’t dare?

Hey little bird, why are you standing still? The world is about to end this is no time to chill.

There are heights that you can climb that soar above everything you could ever possibly imagine. Ideas that rock nations. Through Christ Jesus and your own creative imagination you can reach those Heights. So soar, get an education, and fly like Jordan.

Remember to ask Jesus into your mind, heart, and soul so he can regulate.

In Jesus Christ name I pray that you have the most blessed of days. Peace out.

Title: My Saviors Tears
YourName: Robert Richards
Date: 11/27/98
Time: 8:47:25 PM


As I knelt before the Savior, I looked into his eyes.

I saw a tear run down his cheek, Much to my suprise.

I asked why he was crying, And what had caused the pain.

He told me of the people For who, his life, he'd lain.

Of how they all are dying Without a chance to hear

Of the sacrifice He made, Or how they could draw near.

And as he spoke, I began to weep For all the people,

For how they lived, For how they died, Out beyond our steeples.

Now it's my mission to tell the world Why the Savior died,

Why they nailed Him to the cross, Why He was crucified.

And as I speak, the tears will come To moisten my eyes.

But in my mind, the tears I'll see Will be the tears my Savior cries.

Title: Millenial Woman
YourName: D. Clarke
Date: 11/20/98
Time: 1:43:12 PM


I am Eve, the mother of all

I am Sarah, the wife who respects her man

I am Deborah, the prophetess who leads an army

I am Ruth, the grandmother of kings

I am Esther, the queen who saves her people

I am the faithful woman among one thousand

That Solomon claimed he could not find

I am the virtuous woman whose children bless her

While her husband sings her praise

I am the wise woman who cries aloud in the streets

Giving instruction to the sons of men

and yet

I am the bleeding woman

Stretching out my faith for a miracle

I am the woman despised of men

Washing His feet with my tears

I am the rejected woman that He accepted

Spreading the good news of Him

I am Elizabeth, filled with the Holy Spirit

I am Mary, walking in the garden with her God

I am Dorcas, doing good deeds that the saints remember

I am Priscilla, showing hospitality to His children

I am Lois, teaching generations to follow Him

and yet

I am me, unique yet containing multitudes

I am a millenial woman I am a woman of God.

YourName: Jimmy R. Golden


I turned MY Face away from Him
On A Hill called Calvary

I listened as the Demons laughed
When they nailed Him to the Tree

I turned My Back on Jesus
My One and Only Son

So I'd never have to turn My Back
Again one anyone...

Date: 9/30/98
Time: 7:39:44 PM

YourName: Jimmy Golden
Date: 9/30/98
Time: 7:25:35 PM


Simple Devotion
In Purity

Unafraid of Your love
In me

And by Your Spirit
Totally free

And Simply Devoted
To YOU...


Title: Good site
YourName: freeffg
Date: 04 Oct 2006
Time: 13:08:58


Hi great site!  Good bye!

YourName: Barbara Ann Green
Date: 23 Jul 2001
Time: 09:05:42


This morning, I was sitting at my table drinking a cup of coffee, going over, and thanking God for the blessings that He has so freely given me. I thanked Him especially for my friends, because we need our earthly friends. Then my mind went to those who don't have friends. They feel cut off, and different. They feel like since they don't have much, or if they have more, that they don't fit in. What better way is there to show God in us, than befriending someone who does'nt have a friend? It's not what we have in our pocketbooks, bank accounts, or the houses we live in, or the clothes that we wear, that make us big in God's eyes. It's what we have in our hearts that make us shine in His eyes. God tells us to love one another, in fact He commands it.When we do the darkness in our lives dissappears, and the light of Christ shines in. We can't just run around saying, " I love you", if it's not sincere.If we do, our actions will surely tell off on us. Don't just say it , show it.It's easy to say we love God, but the real test is how we treat other people. It means having compassion in our hearts for our fellowman. I'm going to make it a point to encourage someone everyday.We can do it with a call, card, or just a smile and hello. The other side to this is, the lonely has to put forth effort to. God supplies us with what we need, but we have to put forth effort to. So put on your whole armour of God, smile and say hello, even if it's not returned. Call a neighbor or someone you know, and don't try to depend on your family for all your answers. Sometimes other people are more objective, and may be better listeners too! THERE IS ALWAYS SOMEONE ELSE, WHO NEEDS A FRIEND TOO!